In this blog piece I have gone through tools and utilities which are available to us all, in ColdFusion without adding any third-party utilities.

That video just had the same effect on me and that is for the time in two weeks the first one being set off by the Blockchain and in particular Ethereum, funning enough this blog post on IoT and Ethereum are linked via peer-to-peer. 

These are the steps I go through to tune the JVM, optimally. Ideally any major code changes should involve at least double-checking that the JVM is performing well with those changes and I recommend leaving GC logging running.

The FusionReactor team just released something which will help greatly in this regard, production debugging; more on that soon.

Our articles will be broken into at least two parts, firstly installing and setting up the tools and then using them with sample results.


This area is a discussion place for all things relating to Java and JVM memory management and tuning.


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